Ween - Flutes Of Chi tab version 1

Flutes of Chi
Standard tunning (eBGDAE)


You can figure out the rhythm.

G D Everything that you are, Am that you'd like to be D Will come in three, my friend G D Times thine inequity Am The flutes of the chi D Will sound again, my friend (continue these chords for the rest of the song Wrap yourself up in gold, The fruits of the old, Are ripe to be told, my friend For, it's not what you are, How you've come to be All this will will end and begin again Solo
The rest of the solo is kinda weird for me to tab, but I'll give you the scale and you figure it out yourself.
Everything that you are, that you'd like to be Will come in three, my friend Times thine inequity, The flutes of the chi Will sound again, my friend END
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