Mutilated Lips tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Ween - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ween – Mutilated Lips tab ver. 2

Legend: * Palm Mute
        ~ Let Ring
        And thats all you will need :)

    Most people will tell you that to play this or other Ween tunes you will need to 
drop your A string, fortunately this is one of the songs you can easily get away with 
playing in standard tuning :) it is as follows:

Verse: "I lick my brain in silence..."e|---0--0-0-0--00----5--5-5-5--55-|B|---0--0-0-0--00----7--7-7-7--77-|G|---8--8-8-8--88----7--7-7-7--77-|RepeatD|---9--9-9-9--99----0--0-0-0--00-|A|---7--7-7-7--77-0~--------------|E|0~------------------------------|
Bridge: "I said please calm it down..."e|---0------0------5--5-5-5--55-|B|-----------------7--7-7-7--77-|G|--8-8----8-8-----7--7-7-7--77-|D|-9---9--9---9----0--0-0-0--00-|A|7-----77-----70~--------------|E|------------------------------|
Chorus: "Mutilated lips, give a kiss on the wrist..."e|--10-10-x-5-555-x-3-3-3-x-0-000---|B|--12-12-x-7-777-x-5-5-5-x-2-222-x-|G|--12-12-x-7-777-x-5-5-5-x-2-222-x-|D|0~------------------------2-222-x-|A|--------------------------0-000---|E|----------------------------------|
Timing is not perfect! Listen to the song! :)
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