Ween – Cold Blows The Wind tab

Basically this song is very simple
it's just the same thing repeated over and over
Here are all the chords used

Em B7 G D Am-0---2---3--2--0---------------------------------------------------------0---0---3--3--1---------------------------------------------------------0---2---0--2--2---------------------------------------------------------2---1---0--0--2---------------------------------------------------------2---2---2-----0--------------------------------------------------------0---0---3------------------------------------------------------------
Em B7 cold blows the wind over my true love cold blows the drops of rain Em B7 Em I never had but one true love and in camville he was slain G D Am G Em D I'll do as much for my true love as any young girl may Em D Em B7 I'll sit and weep down by his grave for twelve months and one day And thats it just keep playing the same rhythm <-C.S.P..
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