Ween - Booze Me Up And Get Me High chords

EAll that 'schlager at the bar
AFlakes of gold swim in my brain
EI ate the worm the night before
AAnd tonight I'll probably do it again
EShotgun Becks down at the Shore
AI've got a friend at the liquor store
EDeaner likes his red wind dry
ASo booze me up and get me high
EBooze me up and get me high
AWhy don't you give it a try?
ELet the bottle do the work
ATo ease my mind and soothe the hurt
EMe and George finish the Jack
AAfter drinkin' down my last six pack
EI'm not feelin' bad myself
A'Cause there's another bottle on the shelf
ECribber likes his Guinness in cans
AAnd Andrew, he's a tequila man
EBut it don't take much to get me high
ASo booze me up and get me high
Chorus: Chorus: X 2
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