Ween – She Wanted To Leave chords

SHE WANTED TO LEAVE by Ween from the 1997 album "The Mollusk"
Capo on first fret (although I like to play without it.)

Intro: A G D Repeat once before lyrics. Continue pattern through verse.e|5-3-2| B|7-5-3|G|7-4-2|D|x-x-o|A|x-x-x|E|x-x-x|
A G D"Three men's all they were..."
e|5----3--------------2| B|7----5--------------3|G|7----4--------------2|D|x----x--------------o|A|x----x--------------x|E|x----x--------------x|
D D7 G "...took my true love from me."
"I couldn't believe..." "She wanted to leave"e|--2-------2--------------3|B|--3-------1--------------3|G|--2-------2--------------0|D|--o-------o--------------0|A|--x-------x--------------2|E|--x-------x--------------3|
Em A "She wanted to leave."
G A Bm G"...go fetch a bottle of rum, dear friends..."
A G D Three men's all there were
A G D Three men out at sea
A G D Three men came aboard my ship
D D7 G DAnd took my true love from me
D7 G DI couldn't believe
D7 G EmShe wanted to leave
AShe wanted to leave
I've loved you so long Since you were a child I've cared for your every need I've tried to make you smile When all the while You wanted to leave You wanted to leave Go gather the guns We'll blast them at sea She begged for me not to shoot For "my true love is here with me I've never loved thee And now I must leave And now I must leave"
G A Bm GSo go fetch a bottle of rum dear friends
G A BmAnd fill up my glass to the rim
G A Bm G For I'm not the man I used to be
G A DNow I'm one of them
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