Ween – Strap On That Jammy Pac chords


This is a real fun one to play. You want to tremolo strum all the chords.
In case you don't know what that is, basically play them as fast as possible
in an up-and-down motion. The final two strums are played as a slow downstroke
and a quicker upstroke. If you have no drum kit with you, you can hit the
body of the guitar. As always, I guessed the lyrics to this song along with
what is already known. Enjoy, mang!


AStrap on that there jammy pac
Get a grip on your soul Slip on that there jammity pac
E7 And I'll guide you towards the door
AShe don't feed me in the mornin'
D And I can't take no more
A E7So strap on that there jammy pac,
AAnd get up off my floor
(same pattern throughout) Strap on that there jammy pac And slide a double dime my way Dry off your jib-jibbity pac And hip me to the game you play She's jonesin' for a jammy With a girl that I call Tammy, So strap on that there jammy pac, It's time for you to pay Strap on that there jammy pac She hypnotized one dude Stings you like a heart attack Van Winkle says fuck you. Never made me no supper A boy like me needs it, too So strap on that there jammy pac
A7It's time to pay your due
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