Ween – Shes Your Baby tab

			     SHE'S YOUR BABY - Ween
Tabbed by: benny ball
Email: allyouareismeat@hotmail.com

Tuning: standard

here are the chords you won't recognise, because I don't know the real names:

G/F# C/Amin C5 C add De -------0------- -------0------- -------0------- ------0--------B -------3------- -------1------- -------3------- ------3--------G -------0------- -------0------- -------2------- ------0--------D -------0------- -------0------- -------0------- ------2--------A -------0------- -------2------- --------------- ------3--------E -------2------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
Bb on A Bb/Ge --------------- ---------------B -------3------- ------3--------G -------3------- ------3--------D -------3------- ------3--------A -------0------- ------x--------E --------------- ------3--------
other than that it's all just open chords G G/F# Emin Janey came back from the stand Fbarre C Smiling G G/F# Emin With the writing of Kafka in hand Fbarre C C/Amin And a bunny in a can Amin Slipping and sliding D You feel yourself asking her G Fbarre C C/Amin Why would you want me to try...? Amin D Squeezing your wrist and she's pulling you closer Amin D Down where the devils are dying with laughter Amin D Then led to a place where there's no form of pleasure G Fbarre C She blows you a kiss from her lips C5 C add D She's your babeeeeeeeeeee ... G G G/F# Emin Those below us can not be renounced Fbarre C add D Cause they're talking G G/F# Emin And for once I wish they'd shut up their mouths Fbarre C C/Amin Lock their doors and stay in the house Amin And while you're inside there D You might want to question G Fbarre C C/Amin The fact that you're not quite the same Amin D And look to the room where she's keeping so quiet Amin D A million layers of crust and deposit Amin D Blanket the seasons and bury the reasons G Fbarre C You told her that this was for good C5 C add D She's your babeeeeeeeeee........ A G (repeat) C C/Amin Amin Bb Bb on A Bb/G F C5 C add D (repeat)
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