Ween - Spirit Walker tab

Spirit Walker by Ween from La Cucaracha

Intro and main riff :

It consists of one chords and a hammer-on/pull-off on the g string from the 4th to 3rd 
I won't tab the timing, i let you figure it out by listening to the song, it's easy to hear.

the chord is F#7add11 :

Verse : C F A# Dm G# Cm
e--0----0----6----5----6----3--|b--1----1----6----6----6----4--|g--0----2----7----7----5----5--| back to the riffD--2----3----8----7----6----5--|A--3----0----8----5----6----3--|E--x----x----6----x----4----x--|
Break : G
e------------------------------------------|b------------------------------------------|g------------------------------------------|D----0-- for some time then : ----------0--|A----2-- ----------2--| and back to the main riff (the "I'm alive in spirit" part)E----3-- ----2--0--3--|
Tabbed by GABOU !!! (gabou@gabouprod.com)
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