Weezer - I Can Love tab

Band: Weezer
Song: I Can Love
Album: Red Album

This is the pre-order bonus song for the red album that can only be bought on iTunes. 
a great little demo for a song that hopefully appears on the next album or something. i 
figure out the solo, but the chords are 100% correct I believe. Enjoy.

Tuning: Half-Step Down (all chords are in relation to tuning)

   C D  E   F   Am  G  G2
e| x x  x   x   x   x  x
B| x x  x   x   x   x  x
G| 5 7  9   x   x   x  12
D| 5 5  7   3   7   5  12
A| 3 5  7   3   7   5  10
E| x x  x   1   5   3  x

Intro:C(x8)-E(x8)-G2(x8)-E(x4)-D(x4)---------| X2Am(x8)-G(x8)-F(x8)-Am(x8)-G(x8)-F(x8---|G(x8)
Verse: C G F C I didn't hope for much, I was used to how things were F C G F C Even though I was not sure, you say, I was throwing it all away G F G C And I never learned to heal Chorus: C E G2 I can't believe what I see E D C E G2 After all this time it is meant to be Am G F Help me believe, believe, believe Am \ That I can love \ G \ I can love x2 F / I can love / G / I can love / Verse: I guess it goes to show, that you never should give up Even when you're out of luck, you might, find an angel in your sight Who turns everything around Chorus Solo: C(x8)-G(x8) X6 Chorus End on C
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