Weezer – Pig tab

Layout and lyrics by: RedlightG20
Email: (jm202@yahoo.com)

Thanks to Rather_dashing (ewiniger@gmail.com) as this is simply a derivation of his tabs.

Tuning: E-flat (or half-step down)

this song is just 4 chords repeated over and over
start out palm playing and then play harder

B G#m E F#e|-2-------4--------0--------2---------------------------------------------------|B|-4-------4--------0--------2---------------------------------------------------|G|-4-------4--------1--------3---------------------------------------------------|D|-4-------6--------2--------4---------------------------------------------------|A|-2-------6--------2--------4---------------------------------------------------|E|---------4--------0--------2---------------------------------------------------|
Intro: B G#m E F# B when I was a baby I was so happy G#m I played with my friends in the mud E Wilbur and Jack and Notice and Beaty F# we were a gang and you gotta believe me B momma would scold us if we got too rough G#m she didnt care she was proud of us E I ran around and talked to the animals F# tellin them stories of savage cannibals B then I got older and noticed a girl G#m first I was sure I didn't exist to her E I sulked around but I didnt know why F# then she put her cheek on my shoulder and I B was lookin at her and she was lookin at me G#m we started to smile, it was our destiny E Tina was her name she was my cutie pie F# forgot about the things that I used to like B I spent all my time followin' her around G#m my friends all made the whiplash sound E they understood they was happy for me and F# everyone clapped when I asked her to marry me B and she said yes and we felt so fine G#m we lost track of the passin' of time E before I knew it we had our own babies F# Gina and Shade and Kiwi and Ged B G#m but now, I've got to die E F# I've lived a good life I've got no complaints B G#m I'd like to thank farmer keep E F# for bringin me scraps so for that I could eat B G#m he always had a smile on his face E F# he didn't want to think of this day B G#m it's finally here... E F# it's finally here...oh.... B G#m oh..... E F# they called me pig B G#m Oh..... E F# they called me pig B G#m oh..... E F# B when I was a baby I was so happy G#m I played with my friends in the mud
Ending F# Be|---------------2--------------2--------------------------------------------------|B|---------------2--------------4--------------------------------------------------|G|----------4----3--------3-----4--------------------------------------------------|D|--------6------4------4-------4--------------------------------------------------|A|------6--------4----4---------2--------------------------------------------------|E|----4----------2---2-------------------------------------------------------------|
B (to end)
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