Weezer – If Youre Wondering If I Want You To I Want You To tab ver. 2

There is a certain strumming pattern for the Intro and verses. 
It's down down down-up-down-up down-up down-up-up

The Intro is just one chord in that pattern|-----||-----||--5--||--5--||--7--||-----|
The Verse is 3 chords in the same pattern D B C
The pre-chorus "Then the conversation stopped..." is just muting the strings The Chorus is the same 3 chords as the verse just strummed differently in the order: D--B--C--D--B--C--D try and figure out the strumming and timing yourself The bridge is
It also has it's own strumming pattern That should be all of the song! Be sure to rate and email me at rskbeck@gmail.com!!! send me criticizm and comments -Rain
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