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Weezer – Jamie tab

			     JAMIE - Weezer
Tabbed by: Dave
Email: donovandave@msn.com

Tuning: half-step down(Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb)
*chord diagrams on bottom*

[INTRO/VERSE] "Ja-eee-uh-may, whatchoo doin now..."

G - D - G - D (repeat MANY times)

[PRECHORUS] "When I was down, you came to me..."

G - D - Em - C
G - D - Em - C
G - D - G - D

[Little Riff Before Chorus]eb|-----------------------|Bb|-----------------------|Gb|-----------------------|Db|-----------------------|Ab|--/77777-----3333-0----|Eb|---------7~------------|
[CHORUS] "Jamie, Jamie, I'm so glad you're mine..." G - Bm - Em - D - C G - D - Em - C
*CHORD DIAGRAMS*eb|--3----0----2----0----0----2--|Bb|--3----1----3----1----0----3--|Gb|--0----0----2----2----0----4--|Db|--0----2----0----2----2----4--|Ab|--2----3----x----0----2----2--|Eb|--3----x----x----x----0----x--| G C D Am Em Bm
Dave Donovan donovandave@msn.com =w= rock on =w= ============================================================================
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