Weezer – Suzanne tab


A               D          E           F#m
Susanne,you're all that I wanted of a girl
A               D             F#m 
you're all that I need in the world
         C#             A               B 
I'm your child, make me blush, drive me wild 
A               D          E
Susanne,you're all that I wanted 

F#m                  Bm  Bm/A
When I met you I was all alone
E                      A      E 
Cold and hungry cryin' on the phone 
F#m                            Bm     Bm/A 
You baked me brownies and said don't you cry
And gave me the coat off your back 

F#m                  Bm  Bm/A
Even Izzy,Slash and Axl Rose
E                       A      E 
When I call you put 'em all on hold
F#m                         Bm   Bm/A 
And say to me that you'd do anything 
and all I can do is say that 
D         E          A    D      E
I haven't much I can give you in return
D       E           A       D      E
Only my heart and a promise not to turn
D                E         A   E   A  E  D 
But I'll sing to you every day and every night 
E                 F#m
Susanne, I'm your man

F#m  Bm  Bm/A  E  A  E  F#m  Bm  Bm/A

(Chorus) - end with below:
D          E                A        D    A      A
...all that I wanted   of a girl          Yeah!
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