Weezer - The World Has Turned & Left Me tab

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From: Holden Rivers 
Subject: the_world_has_turned_and_left_me.tab

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Here ya go

Tuune 1/2 down to flats

@The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Note: The tablature is not exact. What is written is similar to themusic G D/A B C----------------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------0------------------0----------0---------------------------0--------------0------------------0----------0---------------------------0------0--------0----0-----0------0----------0-----------------------------2-------------------2-----------2--3-------0---------------3--------------------------3------------------------------------------
G D/A B C The world has turned and left me here G D/A B C Just where I was before you appeared G D/A B C and in your place an empty space G D/A B C Has filled the void behind my face Em C A I just made love to your sweet memory C/G one thousand times in my head Em C A you said you loved it more than ever C/G you said B C You remain, turned away B C D/A turning further every day The world has turned and left me here just where I was before you appeared and in your place an empty space has filled the void behind my face I talked for hours to your wallet photograph and you just listened you laughed enchanted by my intellect or maybe you didn't You remain, turned away turning further every day
*Play this along w/chords *You remain turned away B --7--7--8--8--7-7-8-8 Turning further every day. G --------------------- G D/A B C Do you believe what I sing now?
--- Adam CHAOS Becl chaos@bamf.org From: enthrob@wwa.com Subject: the_world_has_turned_and_left_me_here.tab Come with me honey, I'm your sweet sugar candy man. This is off of weezer^?s first, untitled album. I believe it is track three, well the other guy did all the work, just though I could help him out. There are a few problems I have been informed of by my friend Pete. In the chorus and intro, the patttern listed is G, D/A, B, C. That is close, but I think is incorrect, it should look like this, G A? B/F C The world has turned and left me here, and should continue in that pattern throughout the verse and intro parts. A? B/F ~~~~~~x~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~x~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~x~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~x~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~x~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~x~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~4~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~4~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~5~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~2~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~5~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~2~~~~~~~, well though that might help, did you hear about the leaving of Matt Sharp, that leaves only two original members of weezer together, damn, well email with corrections or anything. Holden Rivers, signing out.
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