Weird Al Yankovic - Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay chords version 1

Em C GWe are on fire,
Em C GWe have desires,
Em C GBut one is that way,
Em C GOne backstreet boy is gay.
But we don't want to Be mean, Since now he's a queen, Don't ask me, Which backstreet boy is gay?
C Tell me who,
D Em (Ain't saying that it's AJ)
CTell me who,
D Em(Ain't saying that it's Howie)
CTell me who,
D EmI never wanna hear you say,
C D GWhich backstreet boy is gay?
Now I can see him, He's in women's clothes, But he don't need an IUD... yeah He likes village people He's playing croquet, His dog is a Pekinese. He's on fire, His back perspires, Won't say (won't say, won't say, won't saaaay) He's always saying Ain't nothing but a butt ache, Ain't nothing but a fruitcake, I never wanna hear you say (I never wanna hear you say) Which one of us is gay? Tell me who, (Ain't saying that it's Brian) Tell me who, (Ain't saying Nick or Kevin) Tell me who, He's baking up a souffle, Which backstreet boy is gay? Okay, we're all gay...
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