Weird Al Yankovic – Skipper Dan tab

"Skipper Dan" by Weird Al Yankovic

I'll admit its not exact, but c'mon! None of these tabs really are. I'm showing you how 
to play it cool and fun. But its never going to be exact.

*sorry, I'm too lazy to post the lyrics*

Intro:E |----------/b14-12-| | *ItB |------------------| | ReallyG |------------------| | Can'tD |------------------| | BeA |--/4-2------------| | MoreE |-0----3-0---------| | Simple**You can also play the intro throughout the verses, but its pretty difficult*
Verses: *YAY POWER CHORDS*E |-X----X----X----X----X----X--- |B |-X----X----X----X----X----X--- |G |-9----X----9----X----9----X--- |D |-9----7----9----7----9----7--- |A |-7----7----7----7----7----7--- |E |-7----5----7----5----7----5--- |
E A E A E AEnd of Verse Riff: *Something fun I added in"E |-X----X----X----X--- |B |-X----X----X----X--- |G |-9----7----X----X--- | X2D |-9----7----7----9--- |A |-7----5----7----9--- |E |-7----5----5----7--- |
E D A BChorus: "I'm a tour guide on a...."E |-X----X----X----X----X----X----X--- |B |-X----X----X----X----X----X----X--- |G |-6----4----X----9----X----9----4--- | X2D |-6----4----7----9----7----9----4--- |A |-4----2----7----7----7----7----2--- |E |-4----2----5----7----5----7----2--- | C#m B A E A A B
There You Go! Have Fun!
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