Weird Al Yankovic – Dare To Be Stupid tab

Moxycle Cheesemuncher here - bringing you another Weird Al Tab!
This one goes out to Connor, Af, Logie, Nick, Steele, Shiree, 
Thizdog, Matt Gridley - 'Stick it in my prototype!'
Seizovic, Changy, Sass-Dogg, Chingy, Mini-Barry, PJ - 'frickenheh!'
Baby-eater, Tristan, Matt Gobbi, 
Jay, Bermuda, and of course, Weird Al...

Song: Dare To Be Stupid
Album: Dare To Be Stupid (1985)
Tabber: Jacob Smith

Intro and Verses

That's it for the whole song... So keep your feet on the ground, Your head in the stars, and keep your grubby little fingers out of the mayonaise jar! Were you born in a barn???!?!? Jake Smith, Moxycle Cheesemuncher, thefootfreak
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