Weird Al Yankovic - Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep tab

          dirty deeds done with sheep - wierd al

tabbed by-simmons100

this comes from the acdc version dirty deeds done dirt cheap its in standerd tuning hope u like it.e-----------------------------|b-----------------------------|g--------------------------7--|d-2------5-2------7-2------7-2| Play this two times.a-2------5-2------7-2------5-2|e-0------3-0------5-0--------0|
below is the verse.e------|b------|g-7-7/9| play this 3 times.d-7-7/7|a-5-5/7|e------|
below is choruse--------| e-----------|b--------| b-----------|g-7-7/9-9| g7-7/9-99999|d-7-7/9-9|x3d7-7/9-99999|a-5-5/7-7| a5-5/7-77777|e-------0| e------00000|
e--------3--| e-----------| e--------3--| e-------|b--------3--| b-----------| b--------3--| b-------|g-2----2-0-2| g-9----9-7-9| g-2----2-0-2| g-9-----|d-2----2-0-2| d-9----9-7-9| d-2----2-0-2| d-9-----|a-0----0-2-0| a-7----7-5-7| a-0----0-2-0| a-7-----|e--------3--| e-0----0---0| e--------3--| e-0-----|
Now play verse as many times as needed then do the chorus.
e-------------------------|b-------------------------|g-------------------9---9\|d-2----5-2----7-2---9-0 9\|a-2----5-2----7-2---7---7\|e-0----3-0----5-0---0---0-|
on that last few times u play this dont do the last slide but still let the chord ring. Thats all there is please comment. /\=slide h=hameron p=pulloff ~=vibrato
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