Weller Paul – Sunflower tab

# From: FewtrelC 
# Tabbed by : Chris Fewtrell - (FewtrelC@phymat.bham.ac.uk)
#             Ben Ritchie - (RitchiBW@phymat.bham.ac.uk)
#             Donald Needham - University of Nottingham
# Chord format by : Demed L'Her (dlh@hplb.hpl.hp.com)

{st:Paul Weller}


(E7) (C#m7) (Cmaj7)|-------7----|-------7----|-------7----|-------7----|-------7----||----5-----5-|----5-----5-|----5-----5-|----5-----0-|----5-----5-||-7----------|-7----------|-6----------|-6----------|-5----------||------------|------------|------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|------------|------------|------------||------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
(Bsus4) |-------7----|-------7-------|-------7-------||----5-----0-|----5-----5----|----5-----5----||-5----------|-4-----------4-|-4-----------4-||------------|---------------|---------------||------------|---------------|---------------||------------|---------------|---------------|
All I gotta do is think of you. All I gotta
do is think of you.
Am Em |-----|-----|-----------------------||-----|-----|-----------------------||-----|-----|-----------------------||-----|-----|--2 p 0----------------||-----|-----|---------2 p 0---------||-----|-----|-----------------3--0--|{eot}
{ci:Listen to the track to get the rythm / strumming pattern of } {ci:the Am and Em on the intro. The pattern is different for the verses.} {ci:All chords are played in open position unless stated otherwise.} {c:VERSE 1} [Am]I don't care [Em]how long this lasts [Am]We have no future - [Em]we have no past [C]I write this now [G]while I'm in control [F]I'll choose the words and how the [Em]melody goes - {c:VERSE 2} Along winding streets, we walked hand in hand And how I long for that sharp wind. To take my breath away again I'd run my fingers through your hair Hair like a wheatfield, I'd run through That I'd run through - {c:CHORUS} {ci: The same as the intro but there's a bit of distortion on} {ci:lead and there's also a second guitar playing chords. The} {ci:chords are played in 'A shape'} And I miss you so - (Oh baby) I miss you so Now you're gone, I feel so alone (Ooh said) I miss you so {c:VERSE 3} I'd send you a flower - a sunflower bright While you cloud my days, messing up my nights And all the way up to the top of your head Sunshower kisses, I feld we had {c:CHORUS} {c:MIDDLE BIT} {ci:This bit was a bitch to work out. The second time that he plays} {ci:this bit hes got a phasor or flanger on the go.} {sot}
|--4-------7----4-----9-9-9-9-7-0--|--4-------7----4---9-7-9-7-7-0-||--5-------5----5-----9-9-9-9-9-9--|--5-------5----5---9-7-9-7-9-9-||--4-------4----4-----9-9-9-9-9-9--|--4-------4----4---9-9-9-9-9-9-||--4 h 6--(6)--(6)-----------------|--4 h 6--(6)--(6)--------------||----------------------------------|-------------------------------||----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
{ci:Repeat two times} {ci:He plays this bit fast and so it can be tricky getting ya little } {ci:fingers moving and so if you're finging it hard to play the 2nd bar} {ci:correctly - just play the first one twice since you can't tell} {ci:the difference when playing through a phasor} {ci:Play chorus again with these words} And I miss you so - I miss you so All I gotta do, is think of you - and I miss you so Baby I'm afraid to say why - I miss you so {c:MIDDLE BIT (again)} {c:ENDING} {sot}
|--4-------7----4--|--4-------7----4--|--9---7---4--|--4------7--12-||--5-------5----5--|--5-------5----5--|--9---5---5--|--5------5--9--||--4-------4----4--|--4-------4----4--|--9---4---4--|--4------4--9--||--4 h 6--(6)--(6)-|--4 h 6--(6)--(6)-|------6---6--|--4 h 6--6--9--||------------------|------------------|-------------|---------------||------------------|------------------|-------------|---------------|{eot}
{ci: There's no garantees about the ending it sounds about right but} {ci:there more than one way to play any tune (right) and when you've} {ci:spent an hour or so listening to the same four second segment of} {ci:song then you kinda get sick of the whole thing. So if your not} {ci:satisfied with it, play around with it a little yourself } ---------------------------------3102951729010--
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