Wendy O Williams – Aint None Of Your Business tab

By Gene Simmons/Eric Carr/Vinnie Vincent
(Yeah, that's right-THOSE GUYS!- Gene produced the album for Wendy!)
From the albums: W.O.W. and Kommander Of KAOS (Live Version)
(Note: the live version starts with a hilarious intro by Wendy about "straight
people" with rotten fruit on their minds and what she tells those "stuffed banana

Tuning: Standard 

B  7  D 5  A 0   G 3   E  0    F#  2
   7    7    2     3      0        2
   8    7    2     4      1        3
   9    7    2     5      2        4
   9    5    0     5      2        4
   7    X    X     3      0        2

Intro: [ B (2 bars)...D (1 bar)...A (1 bar) ] x 3
       then G (2 bars) D--A


B                             D    A
Ain't here to tell so get a grip

B                         D   A
I aint really what you think

B                         D   A
I ain't guilty or innocent

G                                      D--A
Don't play a fool, don't turn your back

G                                D--A
You ask me why, well listen Jack

B                                    D    A
You'd better practise what you preach

B                                         D    A
Cause there aint nothing you can teach me

B                          D     A
Won't wear a target on my back

G                                 D--A
I don't stand for no third degree

G                                 D--A
I don't care what you think of me


G          E                   A                     F#--A  F#--A
I do as I like, I'll do as I please, don't ask me why

Ain't Goin' To Church   Ain't Goin' To School  (Ain't none of your business!)
'Cause I ain't no one's fool (ain't none of your business!)
May go blind  May Go bald  (ain't none of your business!)
Or I may sing a different song  (ain't none of your business!)

Don't try to label who I am
One thing you'll never understand
Just keep your thoughts to yourself
Don't play the fool Don't turn your back
You aske me why, NOW LISTEN JACK!
I do as I like, I do as I please, Don't ask me why!

Buy a bone that I can chew  (ain't none of your business!)
Don't tell me what to do! (ain't none of your business!)

Interlude: n/c  (drum break with a Vinnie Vincent lead sprawl break)

They go to church  They go to school  (ain't none of your busines)
Don't tell me what to do  (ain't none of your business)
They rule the world  They sit at home (ain't none of your business)
They socalize  They live a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy holds the "I" forever in the live version as the band plays its outro

The basic formula is repeated throughout the song with the backing band chiming
in the "ain't none of your business" at the end of each of Wendy's phrases.
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