Westlife - Fool Again tab

Fool Again - Westlife
Tabbed By: Ryan B. Albert


  Intro: F---

  Verse 1:

     F                 Dm
    Baby, I know the story
    I've seen the picture
    Its written all over your face
     F                   Dm 
    Tell me, whats the secret
    That you been hiding
    And whose gonna take my place


        Bb                  F  
    I should have seen it coming
        Bb                   C   
    I should have read the signs
     Dm           Gm         C       
    Anyway---- I-guess-its-o-ver


      F                 C            Dm
    Can't believe that I'm the fool again
        Bb                      F
    I thought this love would never end
     C            Dm          Bb       F               
    How was I to know - you never told me
      F                 C            Dm    
    Can't believe that I'm the fool again
            Bb             F                 
    And I thought you were my friend
         C            Dm          Bb       F 
    And how was I to know - you never told me....

  Verse 2: (Chords as verse 1)
      F                         Dm
    Baby, you should have called me,
    When you were lonely
    When you needed me to be there
      F                 Dm
    Sadly,you never gave me,
    Too many chances
    To show you how much I care

       (Repeat Pre-Chorus  then Chorus)

e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|--11/12-12p11-11---------------------------------------|D|-----------------12-12/14~-----------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------| About the pain and tears
e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|--11/12-12p11-11---------------------------------------|D|-----------------12-11/13~-----------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------| Oh oh oh...
e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|--11/12-12p11-11---------------------------------------|D|-----------------12-12/14~-----------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------| If i could i would.. turn back the time
(Repeat pre-Chorus then Chorus) Enjoy...hi sa lhat ng tga TIPQC.....
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