Westlife - I Have A Dream chords version 1

Hello All , it's my first chord tab . Enjoy it ! :)

-Chorus 1-

C D GI have a dream, a song to sing
C D GTo help me cope with anything
C D GIf you see the wonder (wonder) of a fairy tale
C D GYou can take the future even if you fail
-Chorus 2-
C D I believe in angels
C GSomething good in everything I see
C DI believe in angels
C GWhen I know the time is right for me
C DI'll cross the stream - I have a dream
C D G I have a dream (have a dream), a fantasy (fantasy)
C D GTo help me through (help me through) reality (reality)
C D GAnd my destination (destination) makes it worth the while
C D GPushing through the darkness , still another mile
Back to Chorus 2 - Chorus 1 and finish ! if you have wrong with this chord , please e-mail me : tara_dianagri@gmail.com :)
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