Westlife – If Your Hearts Not In It tab

If Your Heart's Not In It

this is a very beautiful song & i really likedso i tried to tab it.if i made mistake anywhere please email me at sampmp@hotmail.com or u can also mail me if u wanna be my frenIntro..E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------B---5-6-8-----------------3-1-0-1-3-6-6-6-5-3-3/1-0-1-3-0-1-------6-5-3-------G--------4-4-5-5/2-----------------------------------------------------h2-----D-----------------------------------------------------------------------------A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------e-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[A]I'm missing you [E]Girl even tough [F#m] you're right here by my [D] side [A]Cause lately it se[E]ems The distance betwe[F#m]en us is growing too [D] wide [C] I'm so afraid that you're [F] saying it's over Is the[Am] last thing I wanna [G] hear? Chorus But if your heart's not [F]in it for [G] real Please don't try to [C] fake What you don't [Am] feel If love's already [F] gone It's not fair to [G] lead me on Cause I would give the [F] whole world for [G] you Anything you [C] ask of me I'll [Am] do But I won't ask you to [F] stay I rather walk [G] away If your heart's not in it[Am] [A] You say that you [E] love me But baby someti [F#m] mes you're just saying the [D] words [A] If you got something to [E] tell me don't keep insi [F#m] de Let it be he [D] ard [C] I'm so afraid that you're say[F]ing it's over But [Am] girl I'll make it easy for [G] you Chorus [Am] How I wish I could t[F] ake us back in tim[C]e But it's gone to [F] far now we can't rewi[Am]nd (there nothing I can't do [C] to stop from losing you) I [F]can't make you change you're [G] a mind
Solo:E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B---5-6-8- --------------3/5/3/5---------------------------------------------6-5-3-1-3-G--------4-4-5~/2-0-----------24-5-7-----------7-5~-2-4-5-4-2-0-2---2------------------D----------------------------------------3-3-2-2---------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------e--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chorus Saurav from NEPAL sampmp@hotmail.com
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