Westlife – Fragile Heart chords

Fragile Heart       

AA fragile heart
EWas broken before
D A I don't think it could endure another pain
ABut there's a voice
E From deep inside of you
D AThat's calling out to make you realize
AThat this new bond
EGives inspiration
D ATo all that feel no love appeal no more
ASo how can I break
EThis wall around you
D AThat's aiding both our hearts to grow in pain
D ESo forget your past
Bm F#mAnd we can dream tomorrow
D E F#mSave our hearts for care and lovin' too
D EIt's hard I know
Bm F#mBut oh one's things for sure
D E ADon't go and break this fragile heart
BA hurting mind
F#In need of emotion
E BI don't think it could endure another pain
BBut baby in you
F#I've found affection
E BAffection I have never felt before
E F#So don't let your past
Ebm G#mDestroy what comes tomorrow
E F#Don't go and break this fragile heart
C#With all this fire
G# That burns between us
F#There's so much to lose
C#yet so much more to gain
C#And if I could choose
G#The world around me
F# The world I'd choose
C#would all revolve around you
C#So help me complete
G#The game inside me
F# G# C#And help to mend, to mend this fragile heart
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