Weston – Little Mile 94 tab


From: Fredrik Svensk 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Tab: "Little mile '94" by Weston

Song: Little Mile '94
Band: Weston
Album: A real life story of a teenage rebellion.
(Gern Blandsten Records, 1994)
Tabbed by: Fredrik Svensk (drop_d@hotmail.com)

Chords:     A5       B5       C#5
          577XXX   X244XX   X466XX

(PM)  A5        B5               C#5
	Shes the kind of girl who talks
	too fast for me to understand
       E            A               B
	She's just a little mile, no problem
(PM)  A5           B5
	And I spend half our time.... etc.
       E              A
	Thats when the long walk home starts
	to make me lose my breath.

       E          B               C#m    Bm      A; let ring
	I'd walk a little mile for her no more no less.

	The more she rages on the more tired I get.

Continue with these chord patterns for a while.
Then there's a riff which they repeats a few times:

G|   4 2
D| 2     6 2


D|   10, 8 7
A| 8 	     8

"2 different miles and I can't walk it" part: F, G, A#, B#

Then it's back to verse progression/ chords.

   B        Bm        B#        C#m       A#
 X24400   224432  8,10,10,988  446654   688766
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