Weston – Retarded tab


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:03:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: skunx@ix.netcom.com (Donna DeCarolis)
Subject: "Retarded" by Weston

			    RETARDED- Weston

tabbed by SkunX (skunx@ix.netcom.com)


    Bw  B/F#   B/E  B    F#   G#   E 

(NOTE: the Bw chord is called that cause i have no clue what the hell it really is) Intro: Bw, B/F#, B/E, B/F# (x2) Verse1 (In verses, Gtr.2 repeats Intro riff) : B F# E F# friday night was outta sight we didnt have a single fight B F# E F# saturday you totally changed you said forget about being engaged B F# E F# do you see what i can see when i see you beating me B F# E F# but its alright its just a game CHORUS: E G# F# you are so retarded i must be retarded too E G# F# you're afraid of what i started guess you didnt want something new E G# F# everything is so retarded expected more after all that we've been E thru i cant believe it i can't believe it i'm still in love with you Verse2: if my friends only knew what you do they tell me not to bother to parlez to vous i should leave but my damn love won't i'm so used to this where else can i go they can see what i can see when she's in my company but its alright its just a game repeat CHORUS Solo (i dont know this, sorry!) Bridge: G#, F# (x2) E F# i just cant believe you're so retarded repeat Intro repeat CHORUS end on E =============================================================================
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