Whatever It Takes - Erase The Days tab

Whatever It Takes -  Erase The Days

MAIN RIFF eb|--------------------------|------------------|--------| Bb|--------------------------|------------------|--------| Gb|-12-11--12-14-12-11/12\11-|-12-11-9-11-7/9/7-|-7-7-12-| Db|--x--x---x--x--x-x---x--x-|--x-x--x-x--x-x-x-|-x-x--x-| Ab|-10--9--10-12-10-9-/10-\9-|-10-9--7-9--5/7/5-|-5-5/10-| Eb|--------------------------|------------------|--------| A B C ORDER: A B A C
verse:guitar 1 eb|---------------------------| Bb|---------------------------| Gb|---------------------------| Db|-9--9--5--5--4--4--5--7----| Ab|-9--9--5--5--4--4--5--7----| Eb|-7--7--3--3--2--2--3--5----|
Guitar 2 something like this (it would help if i had the CD!) eb|--------------------------------| Bb|--------------------------------| Gb|--10~-10~-etc-10p8--------------| Db|------------------10------------| Ab|--------------------------------| Eb|--------------------------------|
Chorus(this and main riff) e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|--9-5-4-5-7-----| A|--9-5-4-5-7-----| E|--7-3-2-3-5-----|
outro something along the lines of scratching eb|-10-- LanK~ Tearingeveryonedown@hotmail.com as i said i don't have the CD i'm just tabbing what i can off launch
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