Whatever It Takes - I Swear This Is The Last Time tab

This is song by Whatever It Takes.  It is incredibly easy and very repetitive so it
doesnt take very long to learn.

most of the song goes like thise|x-x-5-x-xxx-2|*B|x-x-5-x-xxx-2|*G|x-x-6-x-xxx-3|*D|x-x-7-x-xxx-4|*A|x-x-7-x-xxx-4|*E|x-x-5-x-xxx-2|*
! !1st break from the main parte|25---|B|25---|G|36---|D|47-7*|A|47-7*|E|25-5*|
2nd break from the main parte|---2*|B|---2*|G|---3*|D|7*-4*|A|7*-4*|E|5*-2*|
(m)(m) /!After drums and bass come ine|5-5-5-2-222-2|*B|5-5-5-2-222-2|*G|6-6-6-3-333-3|*D|7-7-7-4-444-4|*A|7-7-7-4-444-4|*E|5-5-5-2-222-2|* ! !
x=mute *=play more than once !=stroke hard (m)=palm mute /!= gradually get louder
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