Wheatus - American In Amsterdam tab

			     American in Amsterdam - Wheatus

Tabbed by: Gillian B

Im not gonna put the lyrics in it takes too long if you listen 
to the song its easy enough to work out the timing.  This is pretty 
close to being 100% correct.

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used E A B C#m E5 C#5 B5 A5e|---0----0---2---4-------------------------------|B|---0----2---4---5-------------------------------|G|---1----2---4---6----------6-----4----2---------|D|---2----2---4---6-----2----6-----4----2---------|A|---2----0---2---4-----2----4-----2----0---------|E|---0------------------0-------------------------|
Intro: E (on first beat of 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th bar) Verse: E x4 A x4 E x2 A x2 E x4 A x4 C#m x2 B x2 A x2 E x4 A x4 E x2 B x2 A x2 B x2 E x4 A x4 Chorus where they sing Im an American In Amsterdam E5 B5 C#5 B5 E5 Verse 2 dame as Verse 1 ===============================================================================
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