Whiskey Myers – Anna Marie chords

G Cadd9I got a girl named Anna Marie
G Cadd9She chews Levi Garrett by a sycamore tree
G Cadd9And the way she acts don't nobody know
GBut I sure do love it
Cadd9When she crinkles her nose
G F CWoo Hoo (Hey) Anna Marie
G F CWoo hoo (Hey) that's Anna Marie
G F CWoo hoo (Hey) Anna Marie
G F C She shows up to church about a quarter till 2 With bible in her hand and a flask in her shoe Says she come from the great unknown Twisted twelve ways from Sunday When she gets stoned (Chorus) A Penny for a nickel and nickel for a dime A dime for quarter it makes her feel fine It takes an apple a day to keep the doctor away It Takes a whole lot less to make my baby stay
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