Whiskeytown – House On The Hill tab

Just some simple chords for this great song. It's not played with a capo but 
sounds nice with one on the 2nd fret. 


         C                                 Fmaj
Well I found a bunch of letters they were written for the fella
Who broke your Momma's heart
           C             Fmaj                   G
And the envelope folds smelled of her ancient perfume
Fmaj                 G 
I'll bet she didn't know
          C                  /b        Am                    Fmaj     G
How to respond before the blankets of snow caught him out wandering alone
With no place to go


Fmaj                        G
And there was stars in the sky
             C            /b                   Am        
There were houses on the hill and there were bottles of pills
          Fmaj          G                      C
That were easy to buy, keep her warm from the oncoming storm

Well I found them in the north-west corner of the attic in a box
Labeled 'Tinsel and Lights'
Didn't know what I was looking, maybe just a blanket or artifacts
Eisenhower sent him to war
He kept her picture in his pocket that was closest to his heart and when he hit 
the shore, must of been a target for the gunner-men

There were stars in the sky
And there were bunkers on the hill and there were caskets to fill
Where he would lie, shrouded in the red, white and blue with the stripes

(Chorus 1)
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