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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:00:06 -0500
From: Brian Wilhelm 
Subject: CRD:  w/white_bryan/thats_another_song.crd

Title:  That's Another Song
Artist:  Bryan White
Written by:  John Paul Daniel, Monty Powell, Doug Pinock, Jule Medders
Album:  Between Now and Forever

Submitted and Transcribed by:  Brian Wilhelm

I usually pick the chords for the whole song.

Capo 3rd Fret


C  D   G   Cadd9  G

Verse One

                  C    D
I used to sing to her
                    G    Cadd9   G
It used to make her smile
                 C     D     G
She knew all the words for a while
       C               D            
I sang love me tender, always and forever
Em                     A
hold me baby all night long
           C         D    C              G    Cadd9   G        
I could go on and on, but that's another song.

Verse Two

                  C      D
We used to go for walks
                       G    Cadd9   G
On a country road like this
                  C     D          G
Its funny all the small things you miss
             C                         D 
Like puttin' pennies on a train track, the way you brush your hair back
Em              A
the sun on your face
              C           D    C              G     Cadd9   G   D
I wish I were there today, but that's another place

Oh the way I used to hold her
The things I should have told her
   Em                       A   
If I could make the clock unwind
             C            D                   Em     A 
back to when she was mine, but that's another time
           C             D
I could go on and on and on
     C             G     Cadd9   G
but that's another song

***  I'm working on other Bryan White songs, stay tuned.  ***

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