White Denim – Keys chords

Song. Keys
Artist. White Denim
Album. D

Tabbed by Josh M

DI've got a number of keys, No doors to unlock
CThere's a hole in my wall That lacks the capacity to shock
G DI know we're, looking at something, I already seen
DWhat started up in my head, Ended out in my fingers
CNow I'm sleepless in bed, As the last notes linger
G DIn our mystery, that's called "Winning Combination"
D With 14 pairs, ringing 28 days
CFeeling every cup left in the hands of the sights I've stayed
G DWe're all watching, waiting for the building to crumble
DAnd it's hard
C Bm Am G F#mIt seems un- na- tural the best days
GAren't days at all
DOh it's not
C Bm Am G F#mAs if your vio-lence in vir-tue is virtual
GOr not at all
C Bm Am G F#mAhh ahh ahh ahh ahhhha-a-a
C Bm Am G DAhh ahh ahh ahh ahhhha-a-a
DOh body of mine, stretch into something to say
CFrom layin' around in the dark As your hypnotist waves
GY'towards the throne, legs up in flames
DAway in some distance
DYou've got a hold of yourself, you've got your imagery
CYou've got a grip on your health, you've got possibility
G You're hopin' for less collision
DIn your future
DWatchin' you moving upward
CYou see me step out of the cold
You make a cut with your knife Are you drinking? You'll never get older
G When your heart stops beating
DThat's when you start needing some real help
DAnd it won't be hard
C Bm Am G F#mIt feels so na-tural, your best days
GAren't days at all
DOh it's not
C Bm Am G F#mas if your vio-lence in vir-tue is virtual,
GOr not at all
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