White Lies – Farewell To The Fairground tab

Left handed
White Lies - Fairwell to the Fairground
tabbed by: Hat Boy
email: jackthehat1993@hotmail.com

C#m A B Abm Ee|---9---| e|---5---| e|---7---| e|---4---| e|---x---| B|---9---| B|---5---| B|---7---| B|---4---| B|---x---|G|---9---| G|---6---| G|---8---| G|---4---| G|---1---|D|---11--| D|---7---| D|---9---| D|---6---| D|---2---|A|---11--| A|---7---| A|---9---| A|---6---| A|---2---|E|---x---| E|---5---| E|---7---| E|---4---| E|---0---|
in chorus change x to9 C#5 A5 B5 Ab5 E5 F#5e|-------| e|-------| e|-------| e|-------| e|-------| e|-------|B|-------| B|-------| B|-------| B|-------| B|-------| B|-------|G|-------| G|-------| G|-------| G|-------| G|---9---| G|---11--|D|---11--| D|---7---| D|---9---| D|---6---| D|---9---| D|---11--|A|---11--| A|---7---| A|---9---| A|---6---| A|---7---| A|---9---|E|---9---| E|---5---| E|---7---| E|---4---| E|-------| E|-------|
Ab5(2)e|-------|B|-------|G|---13--|D|---13--|A|---11--|E|-------|______________________________________________________________________________________/ = strokes drums intro C#m
verse - C#m / / / / The lights still in our eyes / / / / We're leaving this old fairground behind / / / / / / Its a dream thats growing cold C#m / / / / The circus never dies / / / / The eye forever haunts these skies / / / / / / I know we cannot stay Chorus - A B C#m Fairwell to the fairground Abm Abm B These rides aren't working anymore A B C#m Goodbye to this dead town Abm Abm B Until the ice begins to thaw (verse) This place used to gleam I'd see it in my hopeful dreams Now I have to get away We move towards the stars And all that we touch becomes ours Lets keep warm till its day (chorus) Fairwell to the fairground These rides aren't working anymore Goodbye to this dead town Until the ice begins to thaw A5 B5 C#5 We'll head south just hold my hand now Ab5 B5 I feel like i've cast it off my clothes A5 B5 C#5 And i'm running through the snow towards the sunset Ab5 B5 And i'm always with you Middle 8 - the first two of these are palm muted, then played openly E B5 C#5 E Keep on running, keep keep on running B5 C#5 Theres no place like home, theres no place like home x6 E5 Keep on running, keep keep on running F#5 Ab5(2) Theres no place like home, theres no place like home (chorus) outro is same chords as chorus and ending is same as intro (C#m) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ hope its helpful to you, tah.
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