White Stripes - Jimmy The Exploder tab

Hey. . .

Yeah it sounds much better like this than any other tab.  I found one very similar but
needed to go up a half step and the tabee was very lazy when doing the chrous. Yes, there
3rd chord there in the chorus and and I've also added a live part that Jack plays during 
part about green apples. Enjoy.

Intro:E)------3-1-----------------------------------|B)--------------------------------------------|G)----------3-3(slight bend sounds sweet)-----| ONCED)--------------------------------------------|A)--------------------------------------------|E)-1-3----------------------------------------|
E)--------------|B)--------------|G)-----5/7-5-4--|D)------------5-| 4xA)--3-5---------|E)-3------------|
Verse: The other tab pisses me off. it's lazy. give jack a little bit more credit. also timing is important as to when to switch chords. It's not a slide but it's very quick.
E)------------------------|B)------------------------|G)------------------------|D)-5-53-3-32--------------|A)-5-53-3-32--------------| Now Go Back to the verse monkeyE)-3-31-1-10--------------|
Chorus:E)-3-----------------|B)-2--3--------------|G)-3--3--------------|D)----3--------------|A)----1--------------| Now Go Back to the verse monkeyE)-------------------|
Monkey Noises!!!E)--B)--G)-- 16xD)-5A)-5E)-3
Green Apples Part:E)-----------|B)-----------|G)-----------|D)-5-5-33-22-| Repeat This until it gets faster (duh)A)-5-5-33-22-|E)-3-3-11-00-|
and sometimes (live) jack likes to do this Green Apples Part:
Now the VERSE Now the Chorus Now more Monkey Noises Congratulations. You are done.
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