White Stripes - This Protector tab

this protector

white stripes

white blood cells

D F C G x2

D                F
 I never knew that I had to be
                C G
 this protector
D              F
 So many thoughts inside my head
                    C G
 a strange collector
D        F C G (x2)
 but now
 E                     E(strum the E chord various times)
 now, now, now, now, now
 E                            D F C
 You thought you heard a sound
G                          D F C
 there's no one else around
G                    D F C
 looking at the door
G                              D F C  
the E chord various times)
 it's coming through the floor

D    F               C   D
 300 people living out in
       G      D          F
 west virginia have no idea
 of all these thoughts that lie
     G       D       D F C G x2
 within you but now
 now, now, now, now now

basiclly you repeat the same all the song, it's not too hard,all the chords are the 
ones,but they aren't in the same octave that the ones in the song because it's played on a piano
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