White Stripes - Youre Pretty Good Looking tab

 "You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl) (Jack White)
  From "De Stijl"(2000)

  This song is actually tuned down a half step on the 
  album,being played in C as opposed to the B every other
  tab out there has it in. White of course plays largely
  powerchords,so there's actually little different, but
  those who wish to strum along with open chords will find
  it easier (especially the middle eight) in the original key)


  Intro: |C C\Bb|C F G|

                                 C             F
  Oh, yeah, You're pretty good looking,for a girl,
           G          C       (C/Bb-C)
  but your back is so broken
  and this feeling's still going to linger on
    G               C        F             G
  until the year twenty-five twenty-five, now

  Yeah, you're pretty good lookin' for a girl
  Your eyes are wide open
  And your thoughts have been stolen by the boys
  Who took you out and bought you everything you want,now

                           C          F
  Yeah, you're pretty good lookin' oh,yeah
         G           C
  You're pretty good lookin'
  Yes, you're pretty good lookin', oh,yeah
  G       C  (G-C)
  For a girl

  Middle Eight: 

  B C C# D D#

  Lots of people in this world
      A                  D
  But I want to be your boy

  To me the thought is sounding so absurd
      F                     G
  And I don't wanna be your toy

 'Cause you're pretty good lookin' for a girl
  My future's wide open
  But this feeling's still gonna linger on
  Until I know everything I need to know, now

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