White Stripes – Now Mary tab

| Tab Definitions:						
|  G: 320003							
|Bb5: x133xx							
| F5: 133xxx							
| C5: x355xx							
| G5: 355xxx							
|  C: x32010							
| C7: x32310							
|  A: x02220							
| A7: x02223							
| D5: x577xx							
|  /: slide to note           					
|  /: Chord formation stays the same while the bass note changes
|  *: Strumming harmonics on the 5th fret			


G         * Bb5 F5
Now, Mary

Can't you find a way
   C5       G5
To bring me down?
             * Bb5 F5
I'm so sorry

That I had to go
    C5      G5
And let you down

G Ce|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|----------------|A|-----0-0-2-0-3--|E|-3-3------------|
CHORUS: C C7 C Knowing you I think C7 G /e /f /f# /g Things are gonna be fine A But then again you'll D Probably change your mind
VERSE 2: I'm sorry, Mary, but Being your mate Means trying to find something That you aren't going to hate What a season To be beautiful Without a reason BREAK: C C7 G /e /f /f# G A A7 A A7 D
CHORUS VERSE 3: G * Bb5 F5 Mary Can't you find a way C5 G5 To bring me down? (Acoustic guitar ends on G)
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