White Stripes – Your Southern Can Is Mine tab

Thanks to Patrick Harris from Brokenbrick.com

 | Tab Definitions:						           |
|   A: x02220								  |
|A/Ab: 402220								  |
| A/G: 302220								  |
|  F#: 244322								  |
|   E: 022100								  |
|   B: x2444x								  |
|  B5: x244xx								  |
|  D5: x577xx							     	  |
|   b: Bend note less than a half step        			           |
 12-String Guitar

INTRO: A F# E B E Ae|--------------------------------0--|B|--------------------------4-----2--|G|---------2-2--------------4-----2--|D|---------2-2---------2----4--2--2--|A|-------0------------------2--2--0--|E|-0-2-4-------4-3-0h2---0-----0-----|
VERSE 1: A A/Ab A/G F# Now, lookie here momma let me explain ya this A A/Ab A/G F# If ya wanna get crooked I'll even give ya my fist A A/Ab A/G F# Ya might read from Rev-el-a-tion back to Genesi` `Genisis B E A Ya keep forget your Southern can belongs to me CHORUS: (In the mornin') A A/Ab A/G F# So there ain't no use in bringin' no jive to me B E A F# Your Southern can is mine in the mornin' B E A Your Southern can belongs to me VERSE 2: Ya might go uptown, have me arrested, put in jail Some hotshots got money, gonna pull my bail Soon as I get out, hit the ground Your Southern can is worth a thousand, half a pound CHORUS (Talkin' about it) VERSE 4: You might take it from the south, baby, hide it up north Understand you can't rule me or be my boss Take it from the east, hide in the west But when I get ya momma your can'll see no rest CHORUS (I'm screamin') VERSE 5: A A7 Now baby, ashes to ashes, sand to sand D D When I hit ya momma then ya feel my hand A A7 Give you a punch through that barbed wire fence D When I hit ya baby, ya know I make no sense
CHORUS (I know it) VERSE 6: Now look here woman, don't get hot I'm gettin' me a brick outta my backyard CHORUS (I'm talkin' about it) VERSE 7: Well, if I catch you momma down in the heart of town I'm gonna grab me a brick and tear your can on down CHORUS (I know it) VERSE 8: You may be deathbed sickness, baby, graveyard bound I'm gonna make you moan like a graveyard hound Baby, CHORUS (I'm screamin') A A
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