White Stripes - Why Cant You Be Nicer To Me tab

The White Stripes - Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?	    

G5: 355xxx								
F5: 133xxx								
G:  355433	

G5 F5 G5 F5
Riff (Play 4 Times)|------------||------------||------3-b4--||-5-5--------||-5-5--------||-3-3--------|
Verse: Riff Riff F Somebody's screaming Riff (4 Times) Lookin' at the ceiling oh-oh Riff Riff F Everything's so funny Riff (4 Times) I don't have the money oh-oh Riff Riff F Ah, people don't even know me Riff (4 Times) But they know how to show me oh-oh
Chorus: (Play 3 Times) |-------------------------||-------------------------||---------12-12-10p0-3-0--||-5-5--5------------------||-5-5--5------------------||-3-3--3------------------|
F5 Why can't you be nicer to me? Intro Verse 2: My pride is dying I think I'm all done lying oh-oh Nobody's sharing So I stop caring oh-oh All alone and walking Nobody's talking oh-oh Hey! Chorus Verse 3: Well the wind is blowing Where am I going? oh-oh Off a bridge and falling Nobody's calling oh-oh On the ground and laying Nobody's praying oh-oh Chorus
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