White Stripes - I Get Lonely But I Aint That Lonely Yet tab

I get lonely (But I ain't that lonely yet)
recorded by The White Stripes
written by Jack White
tabbed by Nicolas Ledesma

recurring riff: C-Csus4-C

C				F	C
well i miss my mother, i miss bein her son
C			G7
as crazy as i was, i guess i wasnt much fun
C				     F		      C
sometimes i miss her so much i wanna hop on the next jet
C		 G			C
and i get lonely but i aint that lonely yet

And i love my sister
Lord knows how ive missed her
F				 G
She loves me and she know i wont repent
C			F		C
SOmetimes i get jealous over her little pet
C		 G			C
And i get lonely but i aint that konely yet
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