White Stripes – White Moon tab

This piano song does not transpose ideally to the guitar. In standard tuning, the 
cannot accurately  express the piano playing below the root note. The

INTRO: E Esus4 E Esus4 /b E Esus4 E /b E Esu4 E e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-1---2---2---1---1---2----2---1----1-----2-----2-----1----1-----2---2---1--| D|-2---------------2------2----------2---2-----2-----2------2---2------------| A|-2---------------2---------------2-2--------------------2-2----------------| E|-0---------------0-----------------0----------------------0----------------|
VERSE 1: E A White moon, white moon breaks open the tomb B E Esus4 E Of a deserted cartoon that I wrote
/e /a E Esus4 E e|-------| B|-------| G|-------| D|-2-----| A|----0--| E|-------| A Creature come, creature, creature, my own double feature B E Esus4 E As I'm warming the bleachers at home
/d E Esus4 E e|---- B|---- G|---- D|-0-- A|---- E|---- E G D F Well, my nose keeps on bleeding 'cause it's Rita I'm needing Bb A B I better call aloud a meeting of the boys E Esus4 E Of the boys
/b E e|--------------| B|--------------| G|---1--2--1----| D|---2-------2--| A|-2-2----------| E|---0----------|
E G D F Good lord, good lord, the one I adored Bb A B That I can't afford is a ghost E Is a ghost E G D F Proto-social's the word and the word is bird Bb A B That flew through the herd in the snow E In the snow
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