White Stripes - Top Special tab

 Top Special
 Words and Music by Jack White
 Tabbed by Anthony Griffin (Reynolds1203)
| Tab Definitions:										  |
|  F5: 133xxx											  |
| Ab5: 466xxx											  |
| Bb5: 688xxx (or x133xx)									  |
|  h: Hammer onto note										  |
|  p: Pull off of note										  |
|  b: Bend note                                                                                   |
| NC: No chord played                                                                             |
|  X: Strumming all strings muted								  |

This is my first tab, i know the solo isn't exactly correct but i put in just to give you the general idea of

which notes are played, and the marimba is pretty subtle taking the backseat to Jack's heavily distorted guitar

most of the time, so i've left that out.  PLEASE RATE

INTRO: F5 F5 Ab5 Bb5 F5 F5e|------------------------------------------------------| [Riff 1]B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|--3----3------6-8-----------3-3--3------------3-3--3--| [This is the main riff of the song and is playedA|--3----3------6-8-----------3-3--3------------3-3--3--| during the verse, the solo and sped up during theE|--1----1------4-6-----------1-1--1------------1-1--1--| other parts]
Top special baby! Top! Top! F5 F5 Ab5 Bb5 F5 F5e|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|--3----3------6-8-----------3-3--3------------3-3--3--|A|--3----3------6-8-----------3-3--3------------3-3--3--|E|--1----1------4-6-----------1-1--1------------1-1--1--|
VERSE: F5 F5 Ab5 Bb5 Top special ba--by! F5 F5 Top! Top! F5 F5 Ab5 Bb5 Top special! F5 F5 [repeat the same chords, same pattern] Top special baby! (You're my best friend!) Top! Top! Top special! (Lets not fight ok?) (Oh yeah~) Top special baby! Top! Top! Top special! (its cool, its cool to go to school! its cool!) Top special baby! Top! Top! Top special! (Alright best friends till the end, yeah!) Top special baby! Top! Top!
BRIDGE: F5 Ab5 Bb5e|---------------------------| [Riff 2]B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|D|-3-3-3-3-3x--6-8-----------|A|-3-3-3-3-3x--6-8-----------|E|-1-1-1-1-1x--4-6-----------|(x8 fast)
If i don't go to school, i don't get to see you! (top! top! top!) And thats not cool You're my best friend! SOLO: [continue playing Riff 2 over the Solo]
[Played twice then]e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------13b-----16--13------|B|-----11b-9-----11b-9-----11b-9-----11b13-11b13-11b13-11b13-11b13-11b13-----------------------|G|--10--------10--------10--------10-----------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[I'm pretty confident this is correct up until around here, i've tried my best to figure out it out, the notes are right but the order and timing is probably off some, just improvise using this kind of as a guide]
e|-13b-13b-13b---13b---------------------------------------------13b-16p13-16b-----18p16--16-18b-----18p16b----|B|---------------11b--11-9-11-9-11-9b-------11-9-11-9-11p9b11-9b---------------16b--------------16b--------16--|bG|--------------------------------------10~--------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| [* Right about here the background guitar changes from Riff 2 to Riff 1] Alright, everybody keep it cool! Yeah! Lets keep it cool, lets be friends!
VERSE: [riff 1 continued] Top special baby! Top! Top! Top special! (Oh Yeah!) Top special baby! (Oh) Top! (Yeah) Top! Top special! NC what? why would you say something like that? But you're my best friend! OUTRO: [Riff 2 comes in again] i don't understand! Thats not cool, it's not cool, it's not cool! (Top, top, top! Top, top, top!)
[Although its not actually played this little riff sounds good played over the Riff 2 during the outro]e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-1-1-1-1-1-4-6---1-1-1-1-1-6-4-------------|
(come on, we can still be friends! I don't want to be friends with him, i don't want to friends with him either! No, okay! Aaahhhh!!!) (And, and then we're gonna go to get an ice cream, and after school, and then together, i'll carry your books, and then when were on the bus i'm gonna play with, i'm gonna play and you're still my tops special riends and, and...) Fade Out check out Littleroom.whitestripes.net & Brokenbricks.com
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