White Stripes - Small Faces tab

The White Stripes - Small Faces				  
Live at the Glasgow Academy in London, April 10, 2003               	            
B5: x244xx								 
B: x24442		
Bsus4: x24452					
A5: x022xx						
A: x02220				
Asus4: x02230					
E5: 022100				
G5: 355xxx					
F#5: 244xxx							
C5: x355xx								

Intro: Played 4x B5 B Bsus4 A5 A Asus4|---------------------------------||------4--4-5-4-5-------2--2-3-2--||--4---4------------2---2---------||--4---4------------2---2---------||--2---2------------0---0---------||---------------------------------|
Verse: B5 E5 A5 Small faces will hide from you B5 In places that you don't use E5 Small voices are never heard A5 B5 You set them on fire and now they'll burn Intro: Played 2x (Fuzz box) Verse: B5 E5 A5 Small minds are dying fast B5 Still, you won't take a second glance A5 You say, "I've got no time to listen B5 To all those words" Chorus: B5 A5 Small faces B5 A5 B5 N.C. Small faces E5 N.C. It's no wonder you've Lost you're way A5 N.C. B5 N.C. You are B5 N.C. Here to stay E5 N.C. You've fallen into the Small faces trap A5 B5 N.C. They will make you stay A5 B5 Now you're gonna pay Break: B5 B Bsus4 A5 A Asus4 G5 F#5
B5 A5 Fuzz Box: B5 A5 Chorus Break 2: B5 A5 B5 A5 Chorus: B5 A5 Small faces B5 A5 Small faces B5 A5 Small faces B5 A5 Small faces Yeah! B5
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