White Stripes - Lovesick Live tab

The White Stripes - Lovesick
Live at The Forum, December 6, 2001

Am: x02210				
Am/E: 002210							
G: 320003							
F: 133211					
E: 022100						
E/B: x22100 
E/G: 322100 						

Intro: Played 2x Am Am/E|--------------||--------------||--2-2---------||--2-2---------||--0-0----0----||-------0---0--|
Verse: Am Am/E G I'm walkin' Am Am/E Am Am/E Am Through streets that are dead Am/E G Walkin' Am Am/E Am Am/E Am With you in my head G My feet are so tired F E E/B E B.N. My brain is so wired Am And the clouds are weeping Verse: Am G Did I Am Hear someone tell a lie? G Did I Am Hear some long, distant cry? G I spoke like a child F E E/G E You destroyed me with a smile Am While I was sleeping Chorus: C5 D5 N.C. I'm sick of love C5 D5 N.C. Am Mmm, but I'm in the thick of it C5 D5 N.C. I'm sick of love C5 D5 N.C. Am Oh, well, I'm lovesick
Am G F E E/G E G Intro Verse: (Played like first verse) I see I see lovers in the meadow I see I see silhouettes in the window I watch 'til they're gone And they keep me hangin' on To their shadow Chorus: Well, I'm sick of love I wish I never met you Well, I'm sick of love I'm trying to forget you Am G Just don't know what to do F E I'd give anything to Am Be with you
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