White Town – Your Woman tab ver. 2

			     YOUR WOMAN - White Town
Tabbed by: James Davies
Email: efilsgod@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard, capo 5 Dm Bb G Ce|-------1------1----------1----------------|B|---3------3-------3----------3------------|G|-----2------2---------2----------2--------|D|---0--------------------------------------|A|----------1------------------3------------|E|------------------3-----------------------|
Ok this may not make sense but here is my advice on how to play it. Hold a bar down on the first fret which you lift up to play the open D, but still hold down on the little e. Use your 2nd finger and little finger to play the B and G strings repectively, hold them down all the time, and your middle finger to play the E and A bass notes Then goes on with the chords: |Dm |Bb |G |C C/C#| For the last beat of the fourth bar you can either just move the bass up to a C#, or play the C# chord, both sound Ok. You could also just play a C.
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