Whitechapel - End Of Flesh tab

Sooo this isnt the whoooole song,
but its a pretty big chunk of it.
by the way, id love corrections if theres
anything wrong, because there probably
is. im not toooo good at ear tabbing, but
this just sounds right on my guitar.
Rate and Comment at will.
                                 FIRST ENDING
SECOND ENDINGb|-----------|g|-----------|d|-7--6--3---|a|-x--x--x---|e|-5--4--1---|a|-----------|
b|---g|---d|---a|--- (listen for pattern)e|-0-a|-0-
b|--- b|---|g|--- g|---|d|--- d|---|a|--- and a|---| (same pattern just listen for it)e|-0- e|-0-|a|-1- a|-3-|
and thats about it i guess i got some more of the song but its pretty sketchy right now, soo ill work on it thanks!
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