Whitlams – Keep The Light On chords

Standard Tuning


E ---------------------|B -3-2-----------------|G -----0-4-2-----------|D ----4-----2-0-4-2-0--|A--------------------0-|E ---------------------|
G A Bm A G A We Stumbled into each others lives and we knocked something over
F#m BmTry not to make a sound
G A Bm A Each time you reach out, a new shout or shine on
G A F#m Bm We run in and fall out, fumble around for the key
[Intro] Chorus
D F#m BmI'll always keep the light on for you
A D You try so hard to be alive
F#m Bm A What else can you do but close your eyes
Bm F#m G A G A-Bm-A You can't see the beautiful way when you're burning so bright
G A Bm A Your half penny eyes smile like a firesale
G A F#m Bm Everyone's a suspect. the horses won't move up the rail
G A Bm A Your Sadness, a thief, waits in the hallway
G A F#m BmWith mail on the floor and two birds in the chimney
[Intro] Chorus x2
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