Whitney Houston – I Look To You chords ver. 3

Use Capo to desired key.

G  G/F#  G/B  G/F#

Verse 1:
G G/F#As I Lay Me Down
Em Bm7Heaven Hear Me Now
Am7 G/BIm Lost Without A Cause
Am7 DAfter Giving It My All
G G/F#Winter Storms Have Come
Em Bm7And Darkened My Sun
Am7 G/BAfter All That Ive Been Through
Am7 DWho On Earth Can I Turn To?
G G/F#I Look To You,
Em Bm7I Look To You
Am7 G/BAfter All My Strength Is Gone
C DIn You I Can Be Strong
G G/F#I Look To You,
Em Bm7I Look To You
Am7 G/BAnd When Melodies Are Gone
C DIn You I Hear A Song
GI Look To You
Verse 2:
G G/F#About To Lose My Breath
Em Bm7There's No More Fighting Left
Am7 G/BSinking To Rise No More
Am7 DSearching For That Open Door
G G/F#And Every Road That I've Taken
Em Bm7Led To My Regret
Am7 G/BAnd I Don't Know If I'm Gonna Make It
Am7 DNothing To Do But Lift My Head
Chorus: Bridge:
D My Levees Are Broken
C Bm7 C My Walls Have Come Tumbling Down On Me
DThe Rain Is Falling
CDefeat Is Calling
Bm7 CI Need You To Set Me Free
G/BTake Me Far Away From the Battle
CI Need You
DShine On Me!
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