Who - Behind Blue Eyes tab

Playing the chords this way gives them a better feel. i always play chords like this.
Am       C        F       G        D

1)0      1)0      1)0    1)3      1)2
2)1      2)1      2)1    2)3      2)3
3)2      3)0      3)2    3)0      3)2
4)2      4)2      4)3    4)0      4)0
5)0      5)3      5)3    5)2      5)0
6)0      6)3      6)0    6)1      6)2 -with thumb

Am                     C
No one knows what its like
           G                   F           D
To be the bad man...to be the sad man...behind blue eyes

Am                      C
No one knows what it's like
       G             F               D
To be hated...to be faded...telling only lies


        F     G                 C
But my dreams...they aren't as empty
       F         G      Am 
As my concious seems to be
        Em         F
I have hours only lonely
            G                        D
My love is vengance...that's never free

Am                     C
No one knows what its like
               G                 F                 D
To feel these feelings...like I do...and i blame you

Am                    C
No one bites back as hard
          G                  F                         D
On their anger...none of my pain and woe...can show through

               Am       G       C
When my fist clenches crack it open
         Am          G       C
Before i use it and lose my cool
      Am        G       C
If I smile tell me some bad news
          Am           G       D
Before i laugh and act like a fool
     Am       G       C
If I swallow anything evil
        Am     G       C
ut your finger down my throat
     Am            G         C
If I shiver please give me a blanket
        Am           G        D
Keep me warm let me wear your coat

- then repeat first 2 lines and ur done.

Gambit 4 Amanda
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